5 Minimalist Gift Ideas for the Minimalist in Your Life

5 Practical Gifts for Minimalists | Minimalist Gift Giving

Are you a non-minimalist trying to figure out what to give your minimalist friends and family? Or are you perhaps a minimalist trying to buy for a non-minimalist, wanting to give them something they will really enjoy and appreciate without cluttering up their home? These five practical gifts for minimalists will aid you in your endeavor toward minimalist Christmas gift giving. This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to use these ideas as simply a minimalist guide to gift giving.

Minimalist Gift Idea #1: Consumable Items

Consumable items like food and body care items are great gift ideas, and are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to put together. This may be a good option for someone whom you know rather well, so that you can personalize the items that they will be receiving to their personal taste. Because of this, the more you know someone, the easier this category might be to help you purchase these items....

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