This Month's Decluttering Ideas: August

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Aug 16, 2021

This Month's Decluttering Ideas: August

Are you looking for some decluttering ideas to try out this month? If so, you are in the right place! Give one (or all) of these ideas a try to help you simplify!
Before we get into the list, if you are new to decluttering, you might benefit from my 10-Step Plan to Start Your Decluttering Journey. This is a free guide that helps you start decluttering the right way, and you get your copy by clicking here.
Unused Condiments: We all have condiments in the fridge, but are any of yours past their prime or just sitting around taking up space? If you have condiments you don’t use regularly for whatever reason, consider using up what you have or discarding them. In the future, only re-purchase those that you always use up.

CDs: With all the streaming subscriptions there are, CDs are becoming obsolete for many people. If you are paying for a streaming service and don’t plan on stopping, why keep the physical copy? Find a facility that will recycle them for you and clear up some space.

Extra Bathroom Cleaning Products: Just like any other cleaning products, we’re told we need specific ones for each task. However, most bathroom cleaning can be done with a few easy solutions. Use up what you have, then give simple, homemade DIY cleaning recipes a try and save some money too!

Workout Attire You Don’t Use: Workout clothing is comfy and fun to wear (it’s part of my uniform most days), but it can be easy to go overboard and buy too much. Sometimes our fantasy self even makes these decisions, since we might think we need more workout attire than we actually do. Go through what you have, pick out your favorites, and donate or sell whatever you don’t use.

Membership Cards: We might have membership cards or loyalty cards to the gym, certain stores, or parks, or even charitable organizations. While these cards might be small, they still could be adding clutter to your purse or wallet. Do you need to keep these cards on you at all times? Do you even need these cards at all? Perhaps they can be recycled or disposed of.


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