Weekly Decluttering Ideas: September 27

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Sep 27, 2021

Weekly Decluttering Ideas: September 27

Welcome back to another set of 5 things to declutter this week! Today, I’m sharing another list of five overlooked items you might have in your home that could be decluttered. 

Writing Utensils That Don’t Work: If you start using a pen or marker and find it’s dried out or empty, it needs to be tossed. If you have a large amount of writing utensils, now is a good time to go through them and find if any others have dried out or are fully used up and dispose of them.

Unread Emails: It is important for work-life balance that we don’t constantly check our email, but if we don’t, we may start to see a pile-up of unread email. Or, you might find that too many new emails are coming in and you don’t have the bandwidth to keep up. If this is the case, go through and unsubscribe from what you can, and delete any messages that are more than 3-6 months old.

Extra Game Expansions/Specialty Versions: When you play a base board game, how often do you add in the expansions or specialty sets? While they might be fun to collect, if you’re not using them when playing, it might be better to give them to someone who will, or donate or sell them.

Extra Plastic Bags/“Bag Of Bags”: Do you have the infamous “bag of bags” in your home? It can be easy to accumulate a lot of plastic bags without realizing it. If you have a large amount of these, consider taking them to be recycled, using them up yourself, or giving them to a pet owner in your neighborhood.

Unused/Broken Lawn Decor: Do you have any old lawn decor that you never use or didn’t put out this year, either because it’s broken or you don’t like it as much anymore? If it’s broken, see if it can be repaired, and discard it if you can’t repair it. Consider donating or selling other related items.


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