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If You Need to Declutter: A Decluttering Pep Talk decluttering decluttering inspiration inspirational Jan 08, 2020

If You Need to Declutter: A Decluttering Pep Talk 

If you are looking for some decluttering motivation to inspire you to tackle your clutter, this is the post for you! I put together a video that can be one of your go-to decluttering motivation videos whenever you need some decluttering inspiration or want some minimalism motivation!

Text From the Video:

Hey there,
If you clicked on this video, you must be feeling frustrated by the stuff in your life.
Perhaps your space makes you feel out of control
Perhaps you know that something needs to change
Perhaps you are sick of not knowing where your stuff is
Or sick of buying so much and bringing new things into your space.

If you feel...

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8 Types of Decluttering Guilt + How to Avoid Them decluttering guilt mindset Dec 27, 2019

8 Types of Decluttering Guilt + How to Avoid Them 

Decluttering is a difficult process to begin with, but it can become even more so when you factor in feelings of guilt, fear, and insecurity. These feelings can stall you in your pursuit to declutter your home, and can prevent you from making the progress that you want within your space. That is precisely why I have made this list of eight different types of decluttering guilt, to get you out of your decluttering rut. I am going to walk you through these different types and offer a strategy for each on how to avoid these guilty feelings in the first place. These mindset shifts will ultimately help get you to a place where you can...

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4 Habits for a Clutter Free Home decluttering habits minimal home Dec 18, 2019

4 Habits to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

If you have already gone through the process of decluttering your home, you may not have many excess items to continue to declutter. However, you may now need to focus on how to prevent the over-accumulation from happening again in the first place. These four habits to keep your home clutter free will help you to tackle the problem of too much stuff at the root of the issue. By taking the time to implement these habits for a clutter free home into your own life, you will find it much easier to manage the amount of stuff that you already have. Decluttering your space is one thing, building habits to maintain that clutter free space is another.


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5 Minimalist Gift Ideas for the Minimalist in Your Life gifts minimalist minimalist gift ideas Dec 10, 2019

5 Practical Gifts for Minimalists | Minimalist Gift Giving

Are you a non-minimalist trying to figure out what to give your minimalist friends and family? Or are you perhaps a minimalist trying to buy for a non-minimalist, wanting to give them something they will really enjoy and appreciate without cluttering up their home? These five practical gifts for minimalists will aid you in your endeavor toward minimalist Christmas gift giving. This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to use these ideas as simply a minimalist guide to gift giving.

Minimalist Gift Idea #1: Consumable Items

Consumable items like food and body care items are great gift ideas, and are usually relatively inexpensive...

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