5 Minimalist Gift Ideas for the Minimalist in Your Life

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5 Practical Gifts for Minimalists | Minimalist Gift Giving

Are you a non-minimalist trying to figure out what to give your minimalist friends and family? Or are you perhaps a minimalist trying to buy for a non-minimalist, wanting to give them something they will really enjoy and appreciate without cluttering up their home? These five practical gifts for minimalists will aid you in your endeavor toward minimalist Christmas gift giving. This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to use these ideas as simply a minimalist guide to gift giving.

Minimalist Gift Idea #1: Consumable Items

Consumable items like food and body care items are great gift ideas, and are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to put together. This may be a good option for someone whom you know rather well, so that you can personalize the items that they will be receiving to their personal taste. Because of this, the more you know someone, the easier this category might be to help you purchase these items. Ultimately, though, consumable items will be just that: consumed, and enjoyed by the recipient regardless.

Additionally, there are often pre-made gift sets that could make this specific type of gift-giving easier, but it may be better to just make a personalized bundle. A personalized bundle will help ensure that the person receiving the gift will actually enjoy everything that you include, as opposed to only a handful of items.

Minimalist Gift Idea #2: Experiences

Experiences can be an umbrella-category for numerous activities. Experiences can include movies, sporting events, concerts, vacations, or even gym memberships. This is a good versatile minimalist gift idea since it involves a fun activity without taking up any physical space within one’s home. There is also a lot of space to be creative with gifting experiences, because there is a huge range of price, area, activity, and so on. As an add-on to the gift of an experience, you may have a travel-related gift or a meal at a restaurant that you could do with the recipient. This is a meaningful way to give a fun gift that also includes some quality together-time.

Minimalist Gift Idea #3: Cash/Gift Cards

Cash is a universal gift that everyone would love to receive. It is similar to the gift of experiences, but with the flexibility for the recipient to spend the money on what they want. Perhaps your minimalist friend would like to use the money practically, for groceries, or maybe they would like to use it for a day trip out of town. With cash, they will have the option to utilize this gift however best suits their lifestyle or needs.

Gift cards are a good option if you have an idea for a specific place that someone visits fairly often and would appreciate having money specifically for. Visa gift cards in particular, though, are something to be wary of, as they sometimes are sneaky with charging additional fees.

Minimalist Gift Idea #4: Donation Gifts

For the minimalist in your life that has seemingly everything, a great gift idea is to make a donation in honor of that person to an organization that they like or truly believe in. Donations can be very unique to the individual and are a gift to both the honoree and charity receiving the donation, a win-win. In addition, if you feel as if you need a physical gift to give along with the donation, maybe combine this gift idea with a basket of consumables that the recipient will truly love.

Minimalist Gift Idea #5: Something Personal to the Recipient (Simply Ask Them What They Want)

In order to avoid giving unnecessary, unwanted items, simply ask the minimalist in your life what they want. This is a good option if you don’t mind being direct or having them know in advance what they will be receiving from you. Perhaps they may already be saving up for a large item or have been wanting some specific item for a while; you could either gift them some cash to help save up or maybe get that specific item that you now know they want. By directly asking what they want, you know you are giving a good gift and that it will be used/enjoyed to its full extent.

When it comes to minimalist gift giving, just remember that every person is different. These five gift ideas are only a handful of options. Think about the people in your life and keep in mind their unique preferences and likes. Maybe even just have a conversation about gifts they would like in the future. Above all, know that giving in general comes from a place of kindheartedness, and the recipient will surely enjoy and appreciate whatever you choose to get them.

For a more in-depth explanation of each of the five items on this list, check out this video!

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