Weekly Decluttering Ideas: June 7

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Jun 07, 2021

Weekly Decluttering Ideas: June 7

Welcome back to another set of 5 things to declutter this week! Today, I’m sharing another list of five overlooked items you might have in your home that could be decluttered. 

Accessories That Come with Personal Care Items: Sometimes when we purchase body care items, they come with extra freebies and accessories, such as applicators, brushes, mirrors, or related products. If you like and use them, that’s great! However, if not, see if you can pass them onto someone else or use them for an alternative purpose.

Extra Decorative Jewelry Boxes: It’s nice to have a place to store jewelry and jewelry boxes can be a  cute option. If not needed, however, they can become a clutter trap. Do you have any extra or empty ones that are just used to store random clutter? Consider downsizing to only the boxes that hold your jewelry or other essentials, and either re-gift or donate the rest.

Extra Photos On Your Phone: Our phones only have so much space to function optimally, and filling it up with photos can clog up your phone and make it tougher to find what you want on your device. Go through these photos and delete anything that is no longer needed or did not turn out as well. It is a great activity to do while you are waiting in line for something!

Outdated Exercise Equipment: If you have old equipment that’s past its prime, serving as a storage unit in your home, or something that may not be safe to use anymore, try to find facilities that could take it and reuse or recycle it. Depending on how large the equipment was, you could open up a ton of space decluttering these! A great option to consider would be donation centers that offer local pick-up. 

Extra Reusable Bags: I love using reusable bags as much as the next person, but I know firsthand that they can accumulate very quickly. Reflect upon how many you actually need. Since not all bags are created equal, keep the best and declutter the rest! Pro tip: extra reusable bags can be used to collect and transport your donated items!


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