Weekly Decluttering Ideas: April 12

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Apr 12, 2021

Weekly Decluttering Ideas: April 12

Welcome back to another set of 5 things to declutter this week! Today, I’m sharing another list of five overlooked items you might have in your home that could be decluttered. 

Extra Suitcases/Luggage: When you travel, what luggage do you use? How much do you need? If you have extra suitcases or luggage you never use anymore, do you still need to keep them? Consider selling or donating them, or at least use them for extra storage when they aren’t being used for travel.

Paper Records That Have Digital Backups: If you already have digital backups, why keep the paper in your space? Unless it’s an important record or document such as a birth certificate or a social security card, consider recycling the paper copy to free up some physical space and prevent overwhelm.

Extra Board Games/Video Games: Games are a lot of fun no matter what you’re playing, but if you’ve finished a game or just don’t play it anymore, you might not need to keep it. Why not re-gift these games to people you know want to play them, or even see if your library will take them? 

Extra Packing and Shipping Materials: If you’re not someone who is currently selling and shipping anything, you might not need to keep extra shipping supplies. Keep a few supplies on hand, donate or recycle what you can, and try to reduce the number of items getting shipped to you to reduce your impact. 

Sporting Equipment: Do you still have sporting equipment from when you or your kids were in sports? If they’re not getting used and in decent condition, consider donating them to local schools for gym class or to an after school program or local community center!


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