This Month's Decluttering Ideas: February 8

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Feb 08, 2021

This Month's Decluttering Ideas: February 8

Are you looking for some decluttering ideas to try out this month? If so, you are in the right place! Give one (or all) of these ideas a try to help you simplify!

Extra Reference Books/Encyclopedias: You might still have reference books for specific topics on your bookshelves, but do you still need them? Most of the time now, it’s probably faster to just look things up online instead, so maybe it’s time to donate these and open up extra space.

Used-up Kids Coloring Books or Workbooks: It’s great when kids get a lot of value out of these books and use them up, but if they’re done with them, do they need to stick around? Many of these workbooks probably aren’t needed forever, and you can consider recycling them when they are done.  

Old Coats: How many coats do you need? If there are coats that you haven’t worn in a long time and just hang in the closet, put them to the test by starting to wear them more often or donate them to a person or organization of your choice.

Expired First-Aid Supplies: Some first aid items do expire, like medications and certain ointments. If it’s been a while since you’ve gone through your first aid kit, now is a great time to find any expired items and discard them. 

Extra Bed Linens: It’s always good to have a backup set of linens, but sometimes we keep too many. I find two (or maybe three) sets of bed linens to be helpful per on the bed and the other either in the dirty laundry or cleaned and ready to use next time. Could you reduce the amount that you have?


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