The #1 Strategy to Declutter Sentimental Items

decluttering sentimental items Feb 20, 2020

How to Declutter Sentimental Items

Letting go of sentimental clutter, mental clutter, or emotional clutter is really difficult, and I often hear from viewers that these types of clutter are their biggest struggle. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and there is one strategy that can help you move on from this.

I first shared this tip in an epic Clutter-Busting Scavenger Hunt with my monthly challenge group, (click here if you want to join us and get access), but I felt like this tip or strategy was too important not to share, so I wanted to dedicate this post and a video to it. 

Our sentimental items and clutter usually stem from a relationship in our lives. Sometimes it is items from our parents, or other loved ones we might have lost. Sometimes it might be items from our children, or even items from our own childhood. Certain items might be from a certain friendship or past partner or spouse. 

If you have a certain sentimental item from a particular relationship or connection of the past or present, this strategy is perfect for you. After you have identified an item and the relationship that is connected to it, write a letter to that person. As this is an exercise, you will not actually be sending this letter to this person, so it is also completely valid to write to someone who is no longer in your life. 

In your letter, talk about the physical item, your relationship, how you feel about the relationship or the item, how it has affected you, things you wish you could have said or done differently, how you are hoping to move on, etc. There is no right or wrong answer of what to include.

The purpose of this writing exercise is to gain the clarity and freedom to let go of the item, since you realize the memory and meaning has been inside you all along. It may be challenging, but it is about confronting our emotions and pushing through any of the mental or emotional walls we have up.

This strategy also works even if there is not a physical sentimental item, but if you are struggling with emotional pain or can’t get something out of your head. It also has the potential to work with other physical items that don’t have a personal connection, if you wanted to address a letter to one of your physical belongings that has a certain association in your head.

I hope this strategy can help you with some of your sentimental items or emotional clutter you are dealing with! If you are looking to live a more minimal and intentional life, you might enjoy my monthly challenge group called Monthly Minimalist Makeover. There is a new challenge each month, along with a live coaching call, private Facebook group, and audio guides, and this month’s challenge is the Clutter-Busting Scavenger Hunt, which contains 49 other decluttering clues like the one I mentioned today! Learn more about the program here:


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