This Month's Decluttering Ideas: March

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Mar 08, 2021

This Month's Decluttering Ideas: March 8

Are you looking for some decluttering ideas to try out this month? If so, you are in the right place! Give one (or all) of these ideas a try to help you simplify!
Extra Twist Ties and Rubber Bands: Do you find yourself saving every extra twist tie or rubber band you get? How many of these are actually needed? Keep a few on hand and discard the rest.

Extra Mixing Bowls, Pots, and Pans: These items are necessary when cooking, but how many do we need? Do you have certain ones that rarely get used? Take some time to decide which ones could be better utilized by someone else and donate them.

Extra Water Bottles: Reusable bottles are important to reduce our waste, and many come with cute designs and different features. Realistically, however, we only need a couple for ourselves. Go through and pick your favorite ones, then declutter and donate the rest.

Unnecessary Bathroom Decor: Having decorations in your bathroom can add to your sense of style, but is there too much? If your bathroom decor is cluttering up the bathroom and doing little besides collecting dust, it might be time to let go of a few pieces and open up the space!

Uncomfortable Clothing: Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothing. Certain pieces might look nice, but if they’re not functional and you don’t want to wear them because of how they feel, there’s no reason to keep them.


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