5 Decluttering Ideas of the Week: May 10

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration May 10, 2021

5 Decluttering Ideas of the Week: May 10

I hope your May is going well so far! To give you some decluttering ideas or motivation for the week, here are 5 items you can declutter this week!

Extra Cutlery: How many spoons, forks, and knives do you need for each person in the home? If there are extra sets of this cutlery, consider decluttering them to open up valuable drawer space. 

Broken Electronics: If old electronics are broken and can’t be fixed, why let them take up space? While some might be repairable, they might not be worth the cost to do so. Collect any broken electronics in your space and find out where they can be recycled in your area.

Reading Material That You’ve Finished: If you’ve finished reading something, are you going to pick it up and reread it? If not, see if you can regift it or donate it to your local library.

Purses You Don’t Use: Purses can be essential components of your everyday carry, but do you have any you don’t use? If you’re someone who really only uses one or two purses all the time, consider finding someone who would get value out of your extra ones.

Broken/Damaged Kids Toys: Broken or damaged toys can’t always be fixed and could pose a hazard to your child, depending upon their age. If they can’t be fixed, see if there’s a facility that can recycle them (depending on the material) before you toss them out.


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