Decluttering Ideas of the Week: January 19

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Jan 19, 2021

5 Decluttering Ideas of the Week: January 19

I hope your January is going well so far! To give you some decluttering ideas or motivation for the week, here are 5 items you can declutter this week!

Picture Frames in your Workspace: Having pictures on your desk at work can add value, but having too many can take up valuable workspace and potentially diminish the value of each one. Consider moving these picture frames temporarily to see if it could be a meaningful switch long-term!

Specially Glassware: Do you have glasses you only use for special occasions or parties? Consider how often these events actually happen and decide if they’re worth taking up cabinet space.

VHS Tapes: VHS tapes and players have become obsolete and no longer being made, so unless you realistically intend to continue rewatching them, think about getting rid of and recycling them.

Old Makeup: As makeup does have an expiration date like many other body products, if there are certain products you haven’t used in a while and it’s past its date, then depending on the makeup, either use it up or toss it.

Unfinished Craft Projects: It is common to start crafts that we might not actually finish. Even though we tell ourselves we’ll get back to it, some will never get done and that’s ok. Be real with yourself and decide if you’ll actually make those projects a priority to finish or not.

If you are new to decluttering, you might also benefit from my 10-Step Plan to Start Your Decluttering Journey. In this free resource, I share the 10 best first steps to take to start simplifying. Get your download here.

Happy decluttering, and stay tuned for a new list of ideas next Monday!


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