5 Things to Declutter This Week: May 24

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration May 24, 2021

5 Things to Declutter This Week: May 24

Happy Monday! I am back with another installment of Decluttering Ideas of the Week, which is my series where I provide 5 different decluttering ideas each week to help you stay motivated in your journey to declutter. To help you gain some decluttering motivation or inspiration this week, here is a list of 5 decluttering ideas for the week!

Decorations That Aren’t Worth The Space Occupy: Decorations are fun and can add value to a room, but sometimes it feels like they just take up space or are adding visual clutter. If you have any decorations like this, decide if they’re really worth keeping around.

Old Baby Gear: Babies outgrow things very quickly, and if you’re done having kids, they’re not really useful anymore. See if there are any other moms or caregivers in your area who could use them before simply donating them to a center.

Old Backpacks: If you have any old backpacks that don’t get used, depending on their condition, there are many excellent ways to reuse them. You could fill them with school supplies and donate them to schools to help students in need, or donate them to children in foster care.

Extra Oven Mitts: These are necessary when handling hot cooking surfaces, but how many do we need? Go through what you have and pick out your favorite ones or ones that work the best, and declutter the rest.

Extra Laundry Baskets/Supplies: Depending on how much laundry you do, you might not need as many supplies as you think you do. Use up the detergent or dryer sheets you have before you buy more, and see if there are alternative uses for your extra baskets. If not, simply donate them. Going forward, consider opting for reusable or more sustainable laundry supplies.


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