5 Things to Declutter This Week: March 29

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Mar 29, 2021

5 Things to Declutter This Week: March 29

Happy Monday! I am back with another installment of Decluttering Ideas of the Week, which is my new series where I provide 5 different decluttering ideas each week to help you stay motivated in your journey to declutter. To help you gain some decluttering motivation or inspiration this week, here is a list of 5 decluttering ideas for the week!

Old Car-Related Gadgets/Electronics: As vehicles advance, electronics for older models can become obsolete, like cassette adapters for your phone or GPS tablets if your car already comes with it. If there’s no longer a real use for these items, see if you can recycle them.

“That Was A Wedding Gift” Kitchen Items: Many of us ask for kitchen items on our registries (or we received them without asking for them), but sometimes don’t end up using what we were gifted. We might even feel guilty for wanting to get rid of it. Don’t let guilt control you; if you’re never going to use it, donate it so someone else can.

Extra Blankets: Blankets are fantastic and comfy, but sometimes we acquire more than we’re really using. Take inventory to find the ones you don’t really use, and donate them to local animal hospitals/shelters or regular donation centers.

Extra/Unused Shower Products: Sometimes we try out new products and don’t end up liking them. Rather than throw them away, you can try to use them up yourself first, or if they’re unused/unopened, see if someone you know would use it or if you can donate it.

Clothing That Doesn’t Match: While our wardrobes are largely based upon our personal taste and vary based upon many factors, it is possible that we have clothes that don’t match with the rest of our stuff. If you’re not going to wear these items anymore, try to find another use for them or declutter them.


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