Weekly Decluttering Ideas: January 4

decluttering decluttering ideas Jan 04, 2021

Weekly Decluttering Ideas: January 4

Welcome back to another set of 5 things to declutter this week! Today, I’m sharing another list of five overlooked items you might have in your home that could be decluttered. 

Before we get into the list, if you are new to decluttering, you might benefit from my 10-Step Plan to Start Your Decluttering Journey. This is a free guide that helps you start decluttering the right way, and you get your copy by clicking here.

Duplicate tools: Tools have different uses and come in different sizes, but is there really a point to have 2 or even 3 of the same exact tool?

Your “To-Do” list: Do you have an overly long to-do list that needs to get done? If it all feels a little daunting, why not try to rearrange it to prioritize your most important tasks first? Even better, ask yourself if all of the tasks are essential, and remove anything that isn't.

Old kids books: It’s wonderful to see kids who love to read, but if they have books they’ve outgrown and probably won’t reread, there’s no reason to hold on to them. 

Hats you don’t wear: Keeping things you don’t wear can take up valuable space, even with our accessories, such as hats. Do you have any hats that you haven't worn in as long as you can remember? If so, consider donating them!

Extra travel mugs: They’re great for keeping our drinks warm, but how many mugs do we actually need? Figure out which are your favorite and declutter the rest.

Happy decluttering, and stay tuned for a new list of ideas next Monday!


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