5 Things to Declutter This Week: December 28

decluttering decluttering ideas Dec 28, 2020

5 Things to Declutter This Week: December 28

Happy Monday! I am back with another installment of Decluttering Ideas of the Week, where I provide 5 different decluttering ideas each week to help you stay motivated in your journey to declutter. To help you gain some decluttering motivation or inspiration this week, here is a list of 5 decluttering ideas for the week!

“Not worth the cleanup” appliances: Many people have appliances that are a pain to clean once we’re done using them. If you have any appliances that you avoid, specifically because of how hard it is for you to clean, is it really worth keeping?

Extra candles: How many candles do we need? If you’re not constantly burning them or just using them for decoration, consider donating or regifting them.

Extra hangers: Do you have more hangers than clothes? It’s nice to have a couple extra on hand, but if you have a large amount that never gets used, they probably don’t need to be taking up space in your closet.

Lotions/items from gift sets: Personal care products from gift sets may smell nice and look cute, but aren’t really great for our skin. Use up what you have if you can, then look to invest in more nourishing skincare.

Partially used planners/notebooks: Staying organized and having a place to take notes is helpful, but how many have you completely filled? Make a plan to fill up the ones you currently have before you decide to get another, or even think about going digital!

If you are new to decluttering, you might also benefit from my 10-Step Plan to Start Your Decluttering Journey. In this free resource, I share the 10 best first steps to take to start simplifying. Get your download here.

Happy decluttering, and stay tuned for a new list of ideas next Monday!


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