Decluttering Ideas of the Week: December 21

decluttering decluttering ideas Dec 21, 2020

5 Decluttering Ideas of the Week: December 21

This is certainly a busy time of the year for many families, but it could be a helpful time to open up some major space in your home, your wardrobe, your bookshelf, and more, especially before there are new items likely coming into your home. To give you some decluttering ideas or motivation for the week, here are 5 items you can declutter this week! 

Old outdoor furniture: How often do you use the furniture you put outside? If it’s been a few seasons and still in the garage or shed, maybe it’s time to decide if it’s really worth keeping.

Books you haven’t read and probably won’t: Many of us probably have a stack of books somewhere we’ve kept on a “to read” list. But let’s be real, even with good intentions, we’re probably not going to end up reading most of them, so why not declutter them by gifting or donating them?

Clothing that doesn’t make you feel confident: Why would we want to wear anything that doesn’t make us feel good? If there’s clothing that doesn’t make you feel happy, don’t keep it around!

Hair tools you don’t use: Using hair tools to get ready can be a lot of fun, but if it’s been a while since you’ve used that straightener or that large curler set, maybe it’s time to let go.

Obsolete tech: As technology advances, some of our tech has become unnecessary or incompatible overtime, like VHS, CD players and maybe some old game consoles. Do you really need to keep these if you can’t use them anymore?

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Happy decluttering, and stay tuned for a new list of ideas next Monday!


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