Decluttering Ideas of the Week: November 30

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Nov 30, 2020

5 Decluttering Ideas of the Week: November 30

Happy Monday! I am back with another installment of Decluttering Ideas of the Week, which is my new series where I provide 5 different decluttering ideas each week to help you stay motivated in your journey to declutter. To help you gain some decluttering motivation or inspiration this week, here is a list of 5 decluttering ideas for the week!

Dishes “too nice” to use: Why keep dishes you will never use? If you can’t find a good reason to use them, think about giving them to someone who will or consider donating them.

Extra throw pillows: It’s nice to have comfy pillows on the couch, but how many are really needed? Figure out which ones are the best and declutter the rest.

Clutter-trap furniture: Do you have any furniture that ends up collecting piles of clothes or paperwork? Decide if there’s a better use for those pieces or consider decluttering them. 

Junk mail: We all get unwanted items in the mail or in our email box. Find out if you can stop getting or unsubscribe from mailing lists to reduce or eliminate the amount you receive in the future.

Damaged pet toys: All pets end up breaking or using up the lifespan of their toys at some point, and keeping damaged toys can easily become a dangerous issue. Toss out any toys your pets can no longer play with safely.

Happy decluttering, and stay tuned for a new list of ideas next Monday!


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