This Month's Decluttering Ideas: April

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Apr 26, 2021

This Month's Decluttering Ideas: April 26

Are you looking for some decluttering ideas to try out this month? If so, you are in the right place! Give one (or all) of these ideas a try to help you simplify!
Before we get into the list, if you are new to decluttering, you might benefit from my 10-Step Plan to Start Your Decluttering Journey. This is a free guide that helps you start decluttering the right way, and you get your copy by clicking here.

Spices You Don’t Use: Using spices when cooking is a great way to add variety to your meals, but sometimes we keep more spices on hand than really needed. You might even have spices from a set that you’ve never used before! Instead of letting these sit in your cabinet and go bad, why not try to use them up in a new dish? Try looking up the name of the spice with the word “recipes” after it for ideas. 

Extra Vases: Vases can look nice and hold more than just flowers, but how many do we need? If there are vases in your space that sit in a cabinet most of the time, it might be best to regift or donate them.

Furniture That Doesn’t Fit Your Space: Certain pieces in our space may have been acquired for a multitude of reasons, but our preferences and uses may change over time. If there is an aesthetic you’re going for and a piece of furniture no longer fits it, try selling it on Facebook Marketplace or schedule a pick-up with a local donation center.

Old Toothbrushes: If they have been used or have seen better days, it’s probably time to toss them. If you don’t wish to throw them away, consider using the old toothbrush as a helpful cleaning tool!

Mismatched Socks: If their sock partner is gone, consider mixing and matching a lonely sock with other similar socks. If this is not a viable option, consider using the sock to clean or dispose of it.


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