Decluttering Ideas of the Week: March 15

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Mar 15, 2021

5 Decluttering Ideas of the Week: March 15

I hope your March is going well so far! To give you some decluttering ideas or motivation for the week, here are 5 items you can declutter this week!

Cards Without Sentimental Value: We might get many cards throughout the year for events like holidays and our birthdays, but we truthfully don’t need to keep them all. Unless there’s a very heartfelt or personal message written for us, these cards can be recycled.

Promotional Email Subscriptions: Many companies offer discounts when we subscribe to their email lists, but will these subscriptions actually be useful? Often, all they do is fill our emails with junk mail. Delete any promotions that aren’t useful and unsubscribe from their email list.

Completed Puzzles or Puzzle Books: Do you have any puzzles or puzzle books that you’ve finished? You can’t reuse the books again, so why keep them? If you’re not realistically going to redo a puzzle, see if there’s someone else who wants it or donate it.

Extra Boxes You’ve Been Saving: Increases in online shopping means that we might have more boxes on hand than we could ever need. Although you might have saved them because you think they *might* be useful at some point, recycle any that you don’t have a clear plan for.

Excessive Credit Cards: It’s important to build credit, but credit cards are not the only way to do this. In fact, without proper management, they can become problematic. Do you get the most out of all your cards? If not, pay off any balances and close accounts of the cards you don’t get value from.


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