100 Things to Declutter | Easy Decluttering Ideas

100 Things to Declutter | Easy Decluttering Ideas

Declutter your home before the new year with these 100 easy decluttering ideas! In this post, you will find a list with 100 things to declutter, which can help you simplify for your space in many areas of the home. 

Before checking out the list, if you haven't already watched the video that goes along with this post, I highly recommend it! Watch it here.

Entryway/Coat Closet:

Excess coats
Shoes you never wear
Shoes that aren’t comfortable
Purses that you don’t use
Purse clutter or garbage, like receipts
Unused membership cards or gift cards...use them up or pass them on!
Broken sunglasses
Old backpacks
Reusable bags that you don’t use
Boxes and extra shipping materials
Extra plastic bags or the bag of bags
Duplicate tools
Duplicate globes, mittens, hats, and other outerwear


Writing utensils that no longer work
Books you haven’t read and realistically won’t
Books you have read but probably won’t read again
Duplicate photos or the photos that aren’t very good
Any knick-knacks that you have had, but aren’t actually significant to you
Extra writing utensils that may never get used
Any furniture that is only kept to store random stuff (we used to have one)
Any other surface clutter

Living Room:

If there are decorations that collect more dust that joy
Decorations or furniture that does not align with the vision you have for your space
Coffee table clutter...does it have to be out?

Media Center:

Old remotes
Media services you are not using or not using fully
Media that you no longer have a means to play...I’m looking at you VHS tapes
DVDs you won’t realistically ever watch again
Physical CDs or DVDs if you only use a streaming service
Too many planners or notebooks
Past phones, tablets, computers
Old chargers that don’t work or are from a device you don’t have anymore
Mystery cables
Extra notebooks or notepads

Dining Room:

Random items in the dining room that don’t ever get used or add value, like a China cabinet?
Holiday specific dishware that is only used once per year or less
Extra table linens you haven’t been using
Clutter traps or items that don’t make sense to be in the dining room


Any old food from the back of the fridge or freezer
Clutter from the front of your fridge, like magnets or paperwork
Food that you bought but don’t actually like and aren’t eating
Food that makes you feel terrible
Extra glass jars (if you like to keep too many)
Extra dishware
Those single-use gadgets that only have one purpose (which could be replaced by another appliance)
Appliances you don’t use
Containers that don’t have their matching lids
Cookbooks you don’t use
Promotional items (such as water bottles or travel mugs)
Kitchen towels
Cleaning products that aren’t actually needed
Old sponges or dish brushes
Single use products (not getting rid of what you have, but not buying more)
Extra greeting cards you will never use
Cards you have saved that have no sentimental value
Random baking items
That random stuff you are saving for no reason (for us it’s protein powder scoopers)
Damaged cookware that could be unsafe...such as scratched non-stick pans
Duplicate utensils
Spices you don’t like or don’t use

 Laundry Room:

Any old bottles of detergent or laundry products
Mismatched socks
Non-laundry items...if it feels like a tight space
Old paint, especially if there are no longer walls in that color
Dried up or outdated home products that can’t be used anymore


Extra bedding...we keep 2 sets of sheets
Unused pillows
Excess technology
Items on your nightstand or bedroom surfaces
Excess pajamas
Workout attire you don’t use
Underwear that has seen better days or that isn’t comfortable
Worn out socks with holes


Duplicate clothing items
Clothing from your past that you don’t wear anymore
Clothing that doesn’t fit you
Formal dresses or formalwear from your past
Clothing that doesn’t make you feel confident
Fantasy self clothing
Extra hangers
Extra accessories, such as jewelry or scarves
Gift wrap
Sentimental items that aren’t actually meaningful
Extra suitcases
Unused organizing equipment


Old medicines or remaining prescriptions
Makeup you don’t use
Personal care products that didn’t work for you
Extra towels...we do 3 per person
More items than needed in your actual shower
Fancy spa products that you haven’t used
Those travel-sized products that just have a little bit left...use them up

 Office + Misc.:

Paper records that have digital backups
School supplies you may not ever use
Exercise equipment you don’t need
Assuming you aren’t a curriculum developer like me, old textbooks
Old notes
Past calendars
Picture frames
Social media accounts that distract you from your work

Once again, see this list in action in the video!


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